Check out Lapa’ Nest Treehouse in Southern Pacific Costa Rica in Central America. Retire and buy conservation property in Costa Rica. Build your custom home or resort on your jungle and beach properties Architects designing custom homes in Costa Rica, Caribbean and Panama. Architectural advice, custom home designs, blueprints and green building ideas.

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Finding your piece of paradise is easier than you think when you bump into the right people. Once you decide to buy land and live in Latin America, you'll need a designer and/or a licensed architect to help you through the design process all the way to permitting and eventually break ground. There are many licensed architects in Central America however many don't understand the benefits of breeze, air movement and natural passive cooling. Many of my home and Lodge designs pay attention to nature in order to keep you and your guests cool and comfy in a hot tropical climate. In higher elevations, many folks need homes designed for dual climates. My tropical earth homes ( Nautilus Homes ) capture and store usable cool air.

I offer full service design and sustainable coordination to clients via e-mail and the phone, exchanging ideas, site map and floor plans back and forth via e-mails. I determine direction of morning and afternoon breezes, identify shade and cool air potential, examine water sources and explore “out of the box” and “off the grid” ideas. I provide full drafting and blueprint services for a reasonable fee. Since year 2000, I’ve designed over 80 homes and small boutique hotels of which 15 or so have been built in Costa Rica and Panama. Many clients consider my advice an invaluable part of their design budget. You may visit my architectural design website at

First we look at all of the design potentials and possibilities, then design a structure to meet your lifestyle and living needs including: family size, extended family, traffic flow through your home,future expansion, security, privacy, noise and most importantly your overall enjoyment. A full set of blueprints can include:

• floor plans
• structural floor plan
• elevations
• structural roof plan
• electric & plumbing
• foundation septic and water systems
• cross sections
• ceramic tile details
• woodworking details
• window and door schedules
• finish schedules
• structural details
• mechanical drawings
• 3-D rendering
• Conceptual Plans.

Once your blueprints are complete, I can try to help you find local materials such as teak, bamboo and sustainable sources of gravel and sand within your community. My hourly rate is $50 per hour for consultation and drafting, $25 per hour for e-mails and phone.

Site Visits in Costa Rica and Panama as low as $650 -$ 850. Caribbean -$ 950- $1250.

Remember prices for construction materials go up each year you wait, thus delaying your daydreams.

Take the XXXPat challenge in 2015 and 2016. Here’s is a peek at one of the projects XXXPat Challenge will feature. Swimming pool made from styrofoam and bamboo. NEW.

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From daydreams, bar napkins and blueprints to your first dinner party, courageous XXXPats are beginning to realize their dreams by taking that giant leap of faith to cross borders. If you are ready to take the plunge and get going on your project, decide if you want to work together online or include in your design budget a visit to your property. Once you decide to work with me, I’ll send you 30 questions, you send back your answers, plus a few photos and topos and I can begin to get your ideas down on paper for you to look at in the comfort of your own home via e-mail.

I work with 80% of my customers via online images and a deep understanding of your property based on your answers and my experience. You’ll find my photography, videos, completed homes, tree houses and philosophies about nature online. If you would like to come to Costa Rica and stay in one of my homes designed with sacred geometry, experience what it means to live in nature, contact me for availability.

Living in the remote rain forest for the last 15 years I have been highly involved in the sustainable building movement here in southern Costa Rica. Building techniques born right from the rainforest and with the ingenuity of my Latino neighbors and carpenters.

Together we learn how to build by copying nature and pass the savings and benefits onto others willing to go a green building journey during construction. Our newly acquired Lapa’s Song Vacation Rental is getting a Mediterranean face lift with Greek island décor and custom swimming pool, all made 100% from Styrofoam and Bamboo. NEW Be the first to Rent! Only $2200 per week through July and August,2015. The Lapa’s Song Bird House, with new custom swimming pool and outdoor living area is Now Renting.- June 2015. Be the first to throw a pool party!